Duly Quoted

"A library is a hospital for the mind."

Link Love!

These are my internet friends. They post quality things!

-MT!!!!!: bikes, moozik, books, cute things, great things @ stcosmo.tumblr.com

-KFrench: poetry, photoes, myewzik, trendy internet finds @ autofreckle.tumblr.com

-Lizzy: first-rate noizes and equally rated words! @ gimmegimmepoetry.tumblr.com

-Lucy: poetry, photography, & fighting the good fight @ cosima5.tumblr.com/

**Do you also post quality things? Let’s talk! See note below.**


Aaaand, to truly share the love/show gratitude as an internet lurker, I frequently waste my time…

-staring at ridiculously appealing food creations; sometimes making them…or not making them, but making a healthier version instead, the recipe for which is often found in this amazing index!

-checking and re-checking PostSecret for new secrets/comments.

-gushing over these mini-stories and loving the universe a little more.

-reading the archives of this mysterious blog; wonderin’ ’bout stuff.

Emilie approves!
Thumbs of approval!

**Shoot me a comment, or an email, or a telegram, or something, if you wanna talk biz’ness (i.e. be webberneter buddies, and link our pages to eachother!). My blog is in its nascent days, and needs all the help it can get to really take shape and find its footing in the blog world (y’all are an intimidating bunch!). My email is echristi@reed.edu, and my messenger pigeon’s name is Fernando.**


One Response

  1. french dog says:

    Just looked at mini-stories and Post Secret. A cold, very quiet evening in Dinard. Needed some diversion. Merci et a bientot.

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